KCd’s monthly missives – July 2020


1 Meesala Gopikrishna { 07.02.20 at 12:25 }

This Video and Audio message by Kailasa Candra Dasa elucidates and cautions anybody who gives an ear and listens to how the over ambitious, power hungry, first echelon “ISKCON” Gurus desperate to succeed his Divine Grace AC Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupad after his demise completely took over the bonafide institution thereby creating a monstrous Kabuki theater in which each artist played the role of the so-called initiating spiritual master without the necessary qualification going totally against Srila Prabhupada’s ethical principle or tenet (be Regular Guru) and which in turn led to another monstrous Anti-Kabuki theatre called RITVIK, both (“ISKCON” AND RITVIK) flourishing and being interdependent to this day.

2 premi nitai das { 07.03.20 at 21:17 }

kailasha the ‘iskcon’ smasher!All glories!

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