KCd’s monthly missives – Oct. 2019

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1 Bhadravardhana dasa { 10.06.19 at 17:08 }

KCd and his highly honorable circle may always count on my approval of a revolution against the “Iskcon/Gaudiya Math” “GBC”, aka Party Men. Yes, the thesis that the “IGG” Party Men will become a contingent of the One World Government, Dept. of Religion, is bearing a lot of fruit, this being fall now, and fruits are ripening. Sadly, I know these men well. I encountered one Jayadvaita individual, who is dragging the BBT into the slough of Arsha Prayoga, which will accrue to the Party Men a justification for a new holocaust. One “Kittel” individual was a scholar, really the top of the heap in Germany after WWI, and he became a Nazi and supplied to Fuehrer Hitler the theological means to burn to death millions of persons who had not been proven to stand in criminality, relative to the law. Rest assured that Party Men will cause a lot of trouble, for as Gurdjieff explains, those who are close to the truth but do not act in purity, are very dangerous. Bhadravardhana dasa.

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