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Velvet Totalitarianism (With a Thin Eastern Veneer)

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Concerning Initiation

Written by VF member Puëòarék

On May 28,1977, in respect to diksha initiations after his disappearance (less than six months later on November 14th), Srila Prabhupada stated: “When I order, ‘You become guru,’ he becomes regular guru. That’s all. He becomes disciple of my disciple. That’s it.” Upon the command of Prabhupada, one of his initiated disciples becomes a “regular,” i.e., under rules and regulations, a madhyam diksha-guru, and those he initiates become the initiated disciples of Prabhupada’s authorized diksha-guru disciple.

They become a “grand disciple” of Prabhupada. ibid, “He is grand-disciple.”Any such authorized guru in the Madhva-Gauòéya sampradya will not consider himself a guru on any level above a madhyam, at least until he has proven himself fully obedient to the rules and regulations incumbent upon him, particularly in accord with the guru-vani which preceded him, as recorded in that May room conversation.

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KCd’s monthly missives – April 2021

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KCd’s monthly missives – March 2021

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If the Shoe Fits


Let us deconstruct a disastrous article, entitled “God-given Rejection of Nonsense.” We shall cull out quotes from this screed, Hanuman’s recent broadside, and then we shall comment upon them. We deconstruct it in order for you to utilize your free will in the right way and reject the apa-siddhanta, misrepresentations, and offenses it is pushing and projecting. Thus, his title for the article is made applicable. Who is pushing nonsense? A rhetorical question, obviously.

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KCd’s Monthly Q&A

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KCd’s monthly missives – December 2020

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KCd’s monthly missives – November 2020

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KCd’s monthly missives – October 2020

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