The Dialectic is in Battle

My dearest friend Kailasa Candra

“Action trumps destiny” — in effect from Bishma Deva. If we examine the actions of the Supremely Wise, All Good and Graceful Sri Varshabanavidevidayitaya das Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur, he appears deficient, in that he knew that Kunja Babu and Bon and Madhava, were playing as the Hindoo. I asked a small town Burgomeister in Germany what was the deal with Nixon from the German perspective, indeed from perspective of European mayors from Ireland to Greece, from Norway to Italy. “Nixon is a great man like Bismarck, you Puritans are lunatics.” Hindoo or European, there is not much difference: they tolerate the highest level-talented miscreants. Give the masses bread and circuses. Collect treasure. MAKE SLAVES, DESTROY FREEDOM.

A dialectic exists. Pole A: talented miscreants, Kunja Babu aka Tirthaji, Nixon, Tamal Krishna. Pole B: Freedom.

The dharmaksetre which the Vaishnava Foundation exists within, implicitly understands that action is possible despite Tirthaji, or TK. We can have freedom, which was given us by Srila Prabhupada Abhaya Charanaravinda Bhaktivedanta, our Guru.

Kuruksetre denizens are the advocates of Tirthaji, TK, “ISKCON”. “THEY MUST ALL GO DOWN ” (spoken by BV Puri Swami) to inaction, to being wives and marionettes — slaves. Slaves before destiny. NO FREEDOM.

Dharmaksetre denizens include the Viashnava Foundation headed by Sriman Kailasa Candra das, followed by Sarva Sankalpa , the right honorable Bhaktas, Joseph, Earnest, Eric, Irena and some slow convoys.

Dharma ksetre, Kuruksetre, samaveta yuyutsavah

The dialectic is in battle!

mamakah (aka Tirthaji, TK) pandavas (aka the Vaishnava Foundation ) caiva kim a KURU vata sanjaya (what ACTION—see here KURU—was FREELY TAKEN or transpired, O, seer, for i am blinded, i must go down into slavery).

Thanks for freely acting as well as possible without officers, Kailasa Candra das. Action trumps destiny and Krishna, Radharani, Sampradaya, the Bhakti Lata Bija destine you and the followers like Sarva Sankalpa, and Eric, Earnest, Joseph, Irena, for THEIR BHAKTI LATA BIJA COMPANY, named FREEDOM. In their company there is Yogamaya. First action, then the favor of Yogamaya.

The VF members, are awakening from maya into FREEDOM. It is traumatic, different, threatening.

Again, thanks, Kailasa Candra, leader into FREEDOM.

Sarva Sankalpa


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