Velvet Totalitarianism (With a Thin Eastern Veneer)

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1 Meesala Gopikrishna { 05.02.21 at 13:50 }

The latest missive “Velvet Totalitarianism (With a Thin Eastern Veneer)” by Kailasa Candra Dasa succinctly explores and mentions how Srila Prabhupada’s bona fide Vaishnava line was blown apart through insidious methods namely Autocracy, Dishonesty, Hierarchy and Dogma through the veneer of pakha vedic dress profile and saintly behavior setting the GOLD STANDARD for others to follow them, the power node and controllers of the “ISKCON” institution.

2 Joseph Crowl { 05.19.21 at 13:12 }

The relationship between the spiritual master and the disciple is special, personal and spiritual relationship. The failed quasi-christian corporate machine known as “iskcon” has completely covered this relationship with their “velvet totalitarianism”. This complete mockery of Srila Prabhupada’s bonafide movement must be separated from His Divine Grace and relegated to the dung heap. Kailasa Prabhu is giving the sincere the tools and understanding to do just that.

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