KCd’s monthly missives – March 2021

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1 M.Gopikrishna { 03.03.21 at 06:47 }

The latest missive, Bannermen of the “ISKCON” Anomaly by Kailasa Candra Dasa exposes the legacy of the original eleven pretender Maha-bhagavat Gurus inherited by the successive deviant “ISKCON” generations and in between the Gaudiya Mutt TERMITE INTRUDERS eating off Srila Prabhupada’s bonafide Vaishnava movement. In Bhagavatam it is said “not even a blade of grass moves without Krishna’s will,” but from this sagacious missive the listeners can realize how Krishna’s will was changed by the actions of the deviants as we all have minute free will and Krishna does not interfere with it.

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