Extinction Looms for Those Old Enablers

March, 2020

by Kailäsa Candra däsa

“At the present moment in our ISKCON, campus politics and diplomacy has entered. Some of my beloved students, on whom I counted very, very much, have been involved in this matter influenced by Maya.”
Letter to Satsvarüpa, 7-27-70

Yes, I told you that the light goes up and down.
Don’t you notice how the wheel goes ’round?
And you’d better pick yourself up from the ground
Before they bring the curtain down.
Cream, “Badge”

The Governing Body Commission soon drifted after its creation in 1970, soon becoming a cynosure of pseudo-devotional degradation. As its power node, it converted the ISKCON movement into a kind of devotional facsimile. The G.B.C., even while bona fide (although that slipped away rather quickly) increased its hegemony. Those all-powerful G.B.C. dinosaurs have faded over time. What they stood for and imposed via their my-way-or-the-highway attitude will soon become extinct, and that is wanted. The stench of campus politics, party spirit, and circling the wagons remains, however.

In basic math, a negative multiplied times another negative yields a positive result. Indeed, the greater the magnitude of either coefficient, the better the result. The issue is not whether someone is pessimistic (so-called “negative”) in his preaching or in his outlook. His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedänta Swämi Prabhupäda, on the whole, had a very negative perspective about conditional life; one of his prominent facial features even indicated this. Such was also the case for his spiritual master, Çréla Siddhänta Sarasväté. The issue is whether or not negativity serves the cause of the Supreme Lord and the most recent Sampradäya Äcärya. Does it perfectly represent him? If so, it is entirely bona fide.

Team spirit and campus politics entered the ISKCON movement in the Seventies, gained traction, and increased as time went on. The enlightenment offered by the movement had been growing up until the mid-Seventies but then dimmed considerably. That is the way of the Law of Diminishing Returns. In point of fact, there is no liberation possible for those now entangled in the “ISKCON” World Church. The train runs on two tracks: When New Agers say “no negativity,” they are employing only two words in their shibboleth, both of which are negative.

Smells Like Team Spirit

“These foolish creatures do not know that they are nothing but play dolls in the hands of material nature and that at any moment material nature’s pitiless intrigues can crush to dust all their plans for godless activities.”
Caitanya-caritämåta, Ädi 3.98, purport

“To realize that all your life, it was the same thing:
It was all the same dream that you had,
a dream in that locked room, that dream about being a person.
And, like a lot of dreams, there’s a monster at the end of it.”
Rustin Cole, “True Detective”

“ISKCON” is a giant parasite. Yet, as it gets exposed, it will be forced to circle the wagons. It is had plenty of practice doing so. If you get caught in its machinery of pitiless intrigues, you will either eventually become part of its corruption or will be crushed by it. To wrongly consider that it is guided by Providence is to not understand how material nature works to destroy all bona fide spiritual and devotional movements.

The depravity to which the “ISKCON” World Church has sunk—particularly in its egregious sahajiyä manifestations—gives all of us plenty of clues that it is a big drama under the direct supervision of Fate. It relies upon time-worn, crappy tendencies of conditional human nature. The astral stench of “ISKCON” cannot be even noticed for those accustomed and addicted to its weird style of pseudo-bhakti.

Nevertheless, if you cannot pick up on that astral larva, the “ISKCON” World Church will choke the life out of you. If you work against it, you can assist in putting it in the dire straits it fittingly deserves. If we don’t do so, if it is not put on the defense at this time, it most certainly will continue on the offense via unchecked momentum.

It functions in a different way, and it has different values from the branch of the Caitanya sampradäya that His Divine Grace founded and originally guided. Although loaded with a cosmic false personality (consisting of many hundreds of false personalities comprising its body or Society), it will defend itself. It is led by an unaccountable oligarchy. Nevertheless, we can, at least indirectly, force it to become less effective. If this is not done, its parasitic and predatory influences will keep growing like weeping Atlas cedars.

First, we must reject any and all “ISKCON” values within ourselves. This means that we must not allow ourselves to be swept up in its team spirit. When it circles the wagons, its fallback is always militant team spirit. Such was most acute during the brief deprogammer years of the mid-Seventies. Intelligence within it is more or less lost when it circles the herd, and the mindset of team spirit—along with a paranoid and reactionary energy—labels everyone a demon who does not go along with whatever is its rigged system of the day.

It answers to no one but itself when it enters this stage. As we successfully attack its unprecedented (and unparalleled) depredations by exposing them, there will be this reactionary backlash. It must be not only expected, but it must also be endured. “ISKCON” will then be forced into but another transformation. However, please note that change will not eradicate its underlying tyranny, as that pulse remains always a constant.

It will get worse if we do not show powerful resistance and thus check its momentum. The nightmare of today will culminate in the monster of tomorrow if and/or when “ISKCON” succeeds in its Interfaith Initiative, after all hell breaks loose. It is ultimately governed by dumb will (acetaëaù), so it can be stopped by Providence. Fate is inferior to Providence, but Fate has the upper hand in the struggle at this time.

The Absurd Interpretation

“I am training some of my experienced disciples how to manage after my departure. So, if instead of taking the training, if in my lifetime, you people say, ‘I am the Lord of all I survey,’ that is dangerous conspiracy.”
Letter to Karändhar, 10-8-74

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”
The Wizard of Oz

Each and every deviant camp relies upon a primary mal-interpretation that is as straight as a corkscrew. For example, the rittviks rely upon an entry in Prabhupäda’s Will in which it is stated that the trustees of his properties must be his initiated disciples. Through a motivated misinterpretation, they claim that this establishes their heresy.

The actual fact is that the entry was made in order to protect his India properties and temples from being claimed as possessions by either his sons or Gouòéya Mutt after his passing. We could devote a whole section to this subject. It is just being pointed out here as an absurdity used to reverse millennia of Vedic and Vaiñëava tradition via a clause in a document that, at best, would only be extremely indirect evidence—if you could even call it that.

Similarly, Neo-Mutt emphasizes some excerpt from a letter to one of his disciples, wherein Prabhupäda is trying to save that disciple from being victimized by Swämi Bon, who had already bamboozled another disciple of Prabhupäda, re-initiating him. As such, Prabhupäda wanted the remaining loyal disciple to leave the Mathurä area and travel to West Bengal, where Bon would not be able to influence him.

In this excerpt, Prabhupäda said that the Gouòéya Mutt leader’s camp in West Bengal (where he wanted his disciple to reach) had, as its leader, an elder godbrother who Prabhupäda said he considered to be his çikñä-guru. Later on, in a well-known letter to a leading secretary in the Spring of 1974, Prabhupäda indicated that this mahant merely followed the rules and regulations and was only “the best of the lot” amongst his godbrothers.

You do not describe your çikñä-guru in that way, what to speak of an uttama-adhikäré. Nevertheless, Neo-Mutt pushes that çikñä-guru excerpt as evidence that Prabhupäda’s leading secretaries, after his disappearance, should have unquestionably accepted Swämi B. R. Çrédhar as its new Äcärya, despite the fact that the man gave so much bad advice.

And then we come to the “ISKCON” World Church. It is now divided. One of these divisions is the camp consisting of those old enablers. These can be considered of two varieties: The ones active within the “ISKCON” World Church and those outside of its walls. The latter camp consists of former authorities—many of them in their seventies and early eighties—who bellyache about “ISKCON.” Paradoxically, they back it, but only in its former version, which has been transformed over the past forty-two years. The former version is a shell of itself now, but those old enablers want it to return.

They back the “ISKCON” World Church only on the basis of its potential to return to what it was before the eleven pretender mahäbhägavats. However, in order to achieve this next to impossible objective, these dinosaurs need to trash something that stands in their way. That is the Direction of Management, the charter created and established for the Governing Body Commission in the summer of 1970.

In order to achieve that goal, they need to accomplish something else. This is where you can get lost in the weeds, because the assimilation of what is now being explained to you does require a bit more than A-B-C-D intelligence. Those old enablers, with vested interest, need to invalidate the D.O.M., which did not authorize any particular G.B.C. to hold his post as a commissioner for life—not according to its formative charter.

The G.B.C.-for-life trope is highly overrated. It is intentionally made more so by diplomacy underlying an absurd mal-interpretation of a concession forced upon Prabhupäda in his last days. It was powerful, first-echelon men who benefited at that time. Now, somewhat ironically, it is those old enablers who bellyache about “ISKCON” (although still believing, mistakenly, that ISKCON is capable of reform), who push the mal-interpretation. They want the current iteration to return to the mid-Seventies paradigm, which set the stage for all of the cruddy transformations over the past forty-plus years.

Some readers, at this point, may be wondering what is being referred to here. It is this: In the summer of 1970, Prabhupäda authorized a charter for his newly-formed G.B.C., one which required a three-year (partial but significant) turnover of commissioners, actuated by mandated votes from his temple presidents. The vast majority of his presidents were never even informed of their fiduciary responsibility in this connection. None of the commissioners approached His Divine Grace to have this stipulation, a legal requirement, overridden and removed. They did not make any arrangement whatsoever to hold the mandated vote, which was required no later than the summer of 1973.

Their motivations for such neglect of duty—an extremely important duty, considering how powerful the G.B.C., at least potentially, was becoming—is not merely shameful; it was and remains conspiratorial. The diplomacy underlying it is self-evident. They all knew this, of course, but no one brought it up, because they thought that Prabhupäda would not call them out on it. Actually, he laid a trap for them by not calling them on it.

You see, all of them wanted that G.B.C. charter to be invalidated, because it restricted them. They wanted full power and perquisites, i.e., they wanted to be forever on the Board as a final localized authority, only subject to removal from the Commish if one of them chose to resign or Prabhupäda ordered one of them removed, an unlikely event.

As most of you know, that charter was called The Direction of Management (henceforward, the D.O.M.). They thought that by overriding, through neglect, one of its chief strictures, then how they decided the G.B.C. (and thus the movement) should be run—decisions which always favored them, of course—would automatically prevail. Yet, there are some obvious contradictions relative to their ignoring that mandate. Prabhupäda still referred to the authority and provisions of the D.O.M. in the mid-Seventies, a bare minimum of three times in post-1973 letters to his leading men. If it had been invalidated at that time, he would not have made any applicable and relevant references to it in 1974 and 1975.

Skipping ahead to May, 1977, Prabhupäda was showing distinct signs that he was going to soon be leaving the scene. As such, when G.B.C. continuance was discussed, he changed one of the mandates in the charter (although not directly in terms of a specific acknowledgment of the D.O.M). He said that current G.B.C. members could remain “for good.” This did not invalidate the D.O.M.; it overrode one stricture, nothing more. Everything else—specifically, the other primary mandate—remained cent-per-cent in place.

Let us drill down further. They were already ignoring the mandate of the vote. By the Spring of 1977, there should have been two such votes called (in 1973 and in 1976), but none were. The temple presidents should have had their fiduciary responsibility exercised two times already by the Spring of 1977, but the stipulation in the D.O.M. was ignored. Now, is Prabhupäda going to confront all of that when he is deathly ill?

For all practical purposes, he was on the way out, and he would leave physical manifestation a mere five months later. When they had already made it clear that they were going to ignore the voting mandate of the D.O.M., in his condition, he was going to challenge his commissioners? It is absurd to think that he would do so.

It was a fait accompli. They were going to remain on the G.B.C. no matter what. In the hope against hope that they would come to their senses, he simply granted them what they were already taking and were going to continue to take. IT WAS NO BIG DEAL. It did not invalidate the D.O.M.; it simply invalidated, ex post facto, one stricture of the charter. Its chief mandate was still left completely intact.

The May, 1977 conversational aside was no bombshell, but many of those old enablers maintain that it was. Prabhupäda, in effect, was forced to accept the reality—an ongoing deviation—and authorize it, without fanfare and as a mere aside (with very little discussion connected to it). He did so in order to give them a chance, to free them from the bad karma attached to their deviation of ignoring the vote, and to see whether or not they would follow his most important injunction. That was clearly stated in that same room conversation of May, 1977, viz., “regular guru, that’s all.”

As we all know, they did not follow that directive.

And what is that chief mandate of the D.O.M.? It is this: The D.O.M. stipulates that Prabhupäda was always—and forever will be—the power and authority superior to the G.B.C. This was proven when he suspended the G.B.C. in April, 1972. His authority means that his orders must be obeyed. That concession he gave in the same room conversation (May, 1977 at Kåñëa-Balaräm), where he allowed a G.B.C. member to remain “for good,” also contained “regular guru, that’s all.” The G.B.C. ignored that order when it gave its imprimatur to eleven of its own to become pretender mahäbhägavats (with their own zones carving up the world), a deviation with profound negative repercussions to this day.

Jurassic Lark

“ . . . it is practically in your hands to finish and push on what I have started. I am now getting all respect and honor, so now you must preserve that standard and not dishonor me.”
Letter to Bhagavän, 12-10-71

Always Remember that Humpty Was Pushed.”
Sixties Aphorism

We live on different planets, and we all deserve the world we live in. Technically, we all inhabit the same planet but, as far as the different societies, cults, offshoots, and splinter groups are concerned, the members of each and every one of them, figuratively speaking, live on a different planet from all of the others. There are also many divisions (particularly within the rittvik cult) amongst those who, superficially, appear to be comrades.

For example, take those old enablers of the “ISKCON” World Church. Although semi-favorable, they are not one. There are subdivisions constituting that borg, and the one that is the subject here consists of older fellows who still believe in “ISKCON” reform. They bellyache like anything about the “ISKCON” World Church, they are not at all active in it, but they maintain this enabling allegiance to it.

The rittviks are heretics, although there is a gradation of deviation amongst them. They are split into many camps, and those splinter groups from The Mother Church of Rittvik (1989) do not at all appreciate one another. Their proposed reform is both anti-Vedic and anti-Vaiñëava. We are not including its older members in this description, but instead, focusing upon others. Your author is the béte noire of those particular enablers, although this is a fact kept covert, known only within their own echo chamber.

In particular, we are focusing upon those old enablers, almost all of whom were previously commissioners, sannyäsés, or presidents back in the day (read, the Seventies and early Eighties), who appear to have a track record of credibility, but who are, in effect, nothing more than dinosaurs left over from an era that is not coming back. That was The Era of the Vitiated G.B.C. and its flunkies. These people helped to pave the way for the colossal hoax of “ISKCON,” but few hold them to account for that. We hold them to account, however. After reading this section, you may now be one those who also hold them to account.

Those old enablers still maintain the characteristics that were so repugnant from back in the day, especially featuring their my-way-or-the-highway attitude. Some of those old enablers were part of the G.B.C. CENTRALIZATION SCHEME of early 1972, which led Prabhupäda to suspend the whole operation in April of that year. Some of them did not consult Prabhupäda about the vote mandated by the Temple Presidents (discussed previously in relation to the D.O.M.) but, instead, overrode that order in the Seventies via neglect to observe it. Do they now deserve any great deal of credibility?

Beginning in the mid-Seventies, some of them were sannyäsés who began renouncing that order and returning either to material life or to their former wives. Prabhupäda, in at least one letter, ordered that this cannot be done, but it was done anyway by some of the fellows who now comprise the old enablers. Do they now merit a great deal of credibility?

Some of them became institutional gurus in the Eighties by vote or by non-veto or by some other mechanism. Does someone who was voted into the position of guru now deserve a great deal of respect and credibility? Why should these old enablers be held in deep regard today? Does age really have any relevancy here?

Which brings us back to the G.B.C. “for good” trope. In reality, this is a very small thing, practically a meaningless thing. But the dinosaurs claim it is big! In doing so, they make a mountain out of a molehill. Phalena-paricéyate: Judge by the results. Most of the governing body commissioners from early 1977 (at the time of that Kåñëa-Balaräm room conversation) are still living. How many of them are still “ISKCON” commissioners? Answer: A grand total of one! How did that “for good” play out?

Answer: It didn’t.

THEY WERE GOING TO DO IT ANYWAY! So, Prabhupäda gave them a chance by, in 1977, allowing commissioners to remain on the Board without a vote from the ISKCON Temple Presidents. All of the governing body commissioners were present in his room for this conversation. In that condition and under those circumstances, he was going to challenge all of them? He was, physically speaking, in bad shape. He was going to remind them that they never observed the stricture of the D.O.M.? An absurd interpretation.

And, if you buy into those old enablers and their propaganda–that his reversal of that stricture constituted an invalidation of the charter–well, it did not! It simply negated the vote, but the charter had more to it than that. Of course, none of today’s lumbering former authorities observed any of its mandates, because they wanted to run their show free from restrictions. Just because they neglected it does not mean that it was invalidated.

In point of fact, their neglect of it invalidated them since the summer of 1973. The planet that those old enablers (and their aging lackeys) live on is one from the Jurassic Era. The whole thing is a colossal hoax! There is a large asteroid hurling down upon their planet, and it will strike it soon: That asteroid is called THE TRUTH!

A Vanishing Frame of Reference

“The äcärya, the authorized representative of the Supreme Lord, establishes these principles, but when he disappears things once again become disordered.”
Çrémad-Bhägavatam, 4.28.48, purport

I want you to panic.”
Greta Thunberg

Beneath the surface of the Hare Kåñëa movement, there’s an invidious element that most devotees feel but few are able to consciously acknowledge. It can be fully recognized, however, by knowing the track record of the “ISKCON” World Church and its foils. As time goes on, however, that history is in danger of being buried. We cannot let it merge into oblivion, and now is the time to make sure that it does not.

On January 21st, The Doomsday Clock of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved to a minute and one-half before midnight, with midnight representing doomsday, when all hell breaks loose. The Clock, which warns of impending disasters and takes into account both nuclear weapons and global heating (since 2007), as well as rising geopolitical tensions, was created in 1947 at the beginning of the arms race between America and the Soviet Union.

That is because we must also factor in a highly probable pandemic in the near future as being part of what will constitute a perfect storm: Nuclear-environmental degradation-pandemic. If such a perfect storm were to hit the Northern countries, subsequent to a worldwide financial collapse (like the one narrowly avoided in 2008), the West would be hurled into emergency mode. The Powers That Be of its civilization would recognize that everything was now up for grabs, i.e., their Center would not be able to hold for long.

History never repeats itself exactly, but it does rhyme. In the historical context of a previous clash of civilizations (in Fourth Century Western Europe), King Constantine, on the verge of his army being toppled, faced a similar challenge. He turned to the Cross, and, in due course, although he reaped great short-term benefits by doing so, the Roman Empire was, in but a few centuries, converted into something else: The Holy Roman Catholic Empire. That oppressive theocracy dominated all of Europe for over a millennium until the Protestant Reformation finally began to break up its stranglehold in the Sixteenth Century. Uncountable and unspeakable atrocities went down during that long interim, however.

If you think something like that could not make a comeback in the post-modern context, guess again! Why do you think “Game of Thrones” is now so popular? It analogies to today are practically non-existence, and, if there are some, they are a stretch. It is popular because the Western countries (represented by Westeros, appropriately) subconsciously sense a coming dystopia similar to it. That most certainly is not only possible but probable.

If the “ISKCON” camel is allowed to get its nose underneath the Western cultural tent, it will soon thereafter uproot the tent and replace it, in combination with THE TECHNOCRACY, with but another oppressive theocracy. How that functions in an environment of all-pervading techno-surveillance, will also be medieval in many ways. In the beginning, such a drastic, retro re-tuning will be seen as a good thing, a necessary response to an unprecedented emergency. Soon it will be known as otherwise . . .

. . . but, by then, it will be too late.

However, it is not too late now. The “ISKCON” World Church can be stopped. Those old enablers first must go extinct. We need not wish them well, and they certainly do not wish any of us well. We can help their extinction to ensue by seeing them for what they have been and what they are. It is a major misconception to believe that they honor anybody but themselves. They think that they are the only ones who understood Prabhupäda, his motive, and his mood; as far as everybody else was (and is) concerned, according to their mentality, Prabhupäda didn’t even know them.

In their minds, Prabhupäda only knew anyone other than them to the extent that those old enablers—and their buddies still inside the “ISKCON” World Church (and still exploiting its means of production, its model and resources)—informed Prabhupäda about anyone else. In the minds of those old enablers, anyone else was and remains nothing more than a drama queen if he or she thought or thinks they had any connection to Prabhupäda outside the fading stratification led by his leading secretaries.

Everyone else is only be recognized as meaningful if those mis-leaders, now all old enablers, informed Prabhupäda that he or she was a valuable person. The actual fact, however, is that it is today’s “ISKCON” mis-leaders, and their bellyaching comrades outside the walls, who are imposing a nightmare on us: Their dream world, the “ISKCON” World Church with the vitiated G.B.C. continuing as its power node, has a monster waiting at the end of it.

The first echelon of “ISKCON” comprises the winners, but those other old enablers never expose them. They could do so. They would like to do so. They know where the skeletons are buried, but they do not reveal any of that. If you pull back the curtain, you will see their decrepitude for what it really is. And one final thing: Do not fall for the sophisticated propaganda, popular in post-modern collegiate and literary circles, that “ISKCON” and its current enablers (of all stripes) are merely part of an unavoidable bureaucratic malaise. This misconception is a rationalization that an organization must undergo something similar to what is happening to “ISKCON” after the disappearance of its founder.

It is utter nonsense. Everything that has transpired since Prabhupäda departed was made to happen by those who had the power to make it happen. Humpty was pushed. The pushers include all of those old enablers, although they were unable to fully follow through in securing their personal ambitions. Too bad for them, but your author does not at all lament their personal failures and their current situation. Nor should you.

Most of them went along with the eleven pretender mahäbhägavat scam, believing that they would eventually be recognized as gurus by doing so. Some of them were. Nevertheless, they are all implicated in the breakdown and break-up of Prabhupäda’s branch of Lord Caitanya’s great devotional tree, which is now hanging by a thread. They complain about the current situation, while still enabling it to go on. The darkness thus increases. These facts are negative, but they still are the facts.

We are in a down cycle, although there are signs that it may be reversing. The wheel of karma changes things—and not always for the better. In point of fact, without interference from the living entity, everything in the world moves towards chaos. This is the Second Law of Thermodynamics, also known as the Law of Entropy. However, when you come to real intelligence (prajïä), you will become negative concerning those old enablers, who help to keep “ISKCON” momentum going. In order to stop them, the time to act is now. Hopefully, this article helps you to realize this and not emote that its explanations are just too negative.


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1 Meesala Gopikrishna { 03.03.20 at 01:26 }

This article “Extinction looms large” by Kailasa Candra Dasa concisely sheds light on how the OLD ENABLERS helped ISKCON G.B.C to cultivate and pamper a deadly CONTAGIOUS VIRUS which wanted to last for more than three years of the mandated vote and which soon mutated into other VIRULENT FORMS like SOFT AND HARD RITVIKS and other SPLINTER GROUP VIRUSES indirectly depending on the HOST G.B.C VIRUS though superficially trying to be independent. This article gives great insight into how these groups of VIRUSES forming a CROWN want to establish themselves permanently on planet earth for ten thousand years of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s prediction without any IMMUNITY. But the devotee readers could hope this article by K.C.D is the ANTI-VIRUS for the CONTAGIOUS DISEASE.

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