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About Kala Purusha Publications

KALA PURUSHA PUBLICATIONS was officially started with Venus exalted in lagna, along with a favorable muhurtha and other excellent astrological influences. There were delays and disappointments embedded in the chart. This publishing house is a unique contribution to the mystical section of humanity in that it transcends all mundane or dark objectives. The specific and unique standard of these publications is the transmission of occult knowledge that distinguishes reality from illusion for your personal benefit. The intentional price structure of all these publications is at the lower spectrum. This will alienate some people, but we cannot be concerned about that. In order to facilitate every occultist, whether rich or poor, the price of each book has been made reasonable. Rather than produce a sophisticated treatise, loaded with op. cits, et. als, ibids, and footnotes, these publications are short, simple, and direct. In many if not all cases, just one paragraph of knowledge contained within any given book-and all the books are loaded with these kinds of paragraphs–is alone worth the full cover price and much more.

One of the chief reasons for this is our emphasis on pragmatic application. Each of these publications dovetails itself to the utilitarian application. Such application must contain bona fide philosophy, i.e., not non-theistic or atheistic speculation. The idealistic concept of sophisticated (and, more often than not, expensive) publications is often utopian; you get very little if anything from reading them. You may feel good or feel that you got something after reading them (you may feel that your money must have been well spent), but there is no practical element in the so-called knowledge you purchased. Real writing communicates real philosophy, which lends itself to pragmatic accomplishment.

These succinct yet potent KALA PURUSHA PUBLICATIONS can awaken your subliminal confidence and power. What you can receive from them is not abstract truth but Truth above and beyond the subconscious plane. These publications can even have the power to change your conduct in life, because, being intrinsically centered on the Absolute Truth rather than humanism, they are not relative literatures. Your senses and knowledge are currently insufficient, but these publications can help you get beyond that wall. Our literatures are hard-core, knowledge-based, and, as such, cannot be considered a part of romanticism.

Your intelligence can indeed change when you read and absorb these treatises, because they are written in a rational way. This, in turn, can positively influence your habits, leading to different and practical applications in your actions. The Sanskrit word abhijnah means to understand pragmatically. These publications help you to develop that kind of understanding, because they are not merely speculations about truth. They will help you become a part of a budding civilization that prefers bloomsday over doomsday. They will serve your highest interests. If you are seriously inquiring into universal and absolute truths, once you begin to know and see things as they are, your activities will deliberately change. Genuine human needs are never neglected in this process.

You have problems and difficulties. You need to ameliorate these. You have not purchased this literature because of failing to ponder your problems. You have purchased this literature because you are inquisitive to know, and you now should be analyzing the root of your problems. If so, you can approach what you read in these treatises by putting forth various hypotheses. You can deliberate on the knowledge received, in terms of your experiences. Then things should start to click for you and fall into place. You can put hypothetical solutions into practice and see what you come up with, what are your new results. If your problems start to finally become solved, that’s a hint that you have found something of value here. If your difficulties are, by knowledge and new practice, eventually eradicated, then you will realize the value of KALA PURUSHA PUBLICATIONS.

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