Nothing Can Be Guaranteed

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By the Vaishnava Foundation

“Persons who are strongly entrapped by the consciousness of enjoying material life, and who have therefore accepted as their leader or guru a similar blind man attached to external sense objects, cannot understand that the goal of life is to return home, back to Godhead, and engage in the service of Lord Visnu. As blind men guided by another blind man miss the right path and fall into a ditch, materially attached men led by another materially attached man are bound by the ropes of fruitive labor, which are made of very strong cords, and they continue again and again in materialistic life, suffering the threefold miseries.”

Srimad-bhagavatam, 7.5.31 (emphasis added)

“It is not necessary for a prince to have all the above-mentioned qualities, but it is very necessary to seem to have them. I would even be so bold as to say that to possess them and always to practice them is dangerous, but to appear to possess them is useful. Thus it is well to seem merciful, faithful, humane, sincere, religious, and also to be so, but you must have your mind so disposed that, when it is needful to be otherwise, you can change to the opposite qualities.”

The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli

“. . . if sober and truthful men join, certainly we shall be able to give something very sublime to the suffering peoples of the world.”


Such men are not joining. Instead, rascals and fools are coming, because the “ISKCON” gurus are rogues and cheaters. As such, the suffering of the world is increasing; it is expanding more than it would if that deviant movement were non-existent. The fabricated so-called “ISKCON” presents nothing special to the progressive seekers of Truth, because sahajiyism is not only not special, it is degraded. As a side-note, the quote from Machiavelli cannot be accessed in the Folio, because Srila Prabhupada’s critique on the philosophy of Machiavelli is not presented there. Wonder why. All letters in this column are listed according to a dating code used by Letters From Srila Prabhupada, Volumes I-V. The preposition if has been intentionally emphasized in all of these quotations.

“There is immense possibility of spreading this Krishna Consciousness Movement all over the Western world, if it is administered properly.”


It has been administered most improperly and continues to be so. The deviant GBC has done exactly the opposite of what His Divine Grace sanctioned, and what it has concocted is not within the scope of its power. Instead of acting as a watchdog to see that no upstart falsely and prematurely claims to be guru, it has meddled with the transcendental process. It has, in effect–through convoluted and covert means–voted gurus into office. This interference with the transcendental process has destroyed the Krishna Consciousness movement as an organized effort in the West.

“But if one deliberately defies such instructions, then his advancement is hampered from the very beginning. This defying means to disconnect the relationship with the Spiritual Master. And anyone who defies and therefore disconnects the relationship with the Spiritual Master can hardly expect the assistance of the Spiritual Master life after life.” 69-7-28

We should not see the defiant ones as especially empowered to administrate, because they are simply exploiting their official charisma. They individually possess nothing more than a smattering of psychic power. Their “mission” is an errand assigned to them by the personality of Kali.

“. . . if our aim is to serve Krishna sincerely and the Spiritual Master simultaneously, that will be our success.”


Their aim is to serve themselves and their own inner clique in terms of controlling the means of production: The Deities (a show-bottle), the temples, the properties, the bank accounts, the vehicles, the “initiations,” the PR organs, the publications, the temple positions, etc. This allows them to easily control the conditione machines approaching them. By this arrangement, they also avoid having to work in the world for their maintenance and fulfillment of personal desires. This is their “success.”

“This is my theoretical proposition, and I am sure that if you follow, it will come to be fruitful.”


They have followed their own whims instead. As such, the fruitful results have been the neo-Goudiya Mutt, the rittviks, the smorgasbord, and an ever-increasing chaos in what only appears to be the Krishna Consciousness movement. Any presumption that the GBC is destined automatically to succeed is a product of pramada, inattention in hearing. Nothing can be guaranteed, because nothing can ever be guaranteed; human beings have free will. Taking shelter of a never-ending stream of doubts is known as durashraya: The debate is over and has been for some time; the evidence is in. See the situation for exactly what it is and preach accordingly; you are responsible for your influence–your doubts will not save you.

“. . . if you remain serious and steady, certainly you will make infallible progress. Of course, Maya is very strong, there is a chance of our falling down at any moment . . .”


Institutionally speaking, there was a complete falldown in the spring of 1978, and the institution has never recovered. The negative repercussions of that falldown continue to expand as “ISKCON” proceeds on the glide-path of a descending octave. To check the current momentum, we see no sign whatsoever of any change of heart amongst its upper echelon.

“But the difficulty is that our GBC men are falling victim to maya. Today I trust this GBC and tomorrow he will fall down. That is the difficulty. If the GBC men are so flickering then what to speak of the others. Unless this problem is solved whatever we may resolve it will not be very useful.”


This was written in the last month of 1974, three and one-half decades ago. The situation is much worse now.

If you go on with your work sincerely, by following the footsteps of our predecessors, certainly our movement will be recognized by the people in general.”


The work of the upper echelon of “ISKCON” has been exceptionally insincere and has not followed in the footsteps of great devotees. As a result, all the initiations since 1978 have no spiritual sequence; they are counterproductive enterprises for everyone implicated or involved in them. The rogues have not followed in the footsteps of the parampara, because they have defied the most recent representative of the sampradaya. He said:
“But by my order.” They decided upon a different arrangement.

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1 The Paramatma Speaks { 08.06.09 at 05:31 }

I know that you are severely threatened by the Phansidaras, so I am not disappointed, but I tried to contact you here: <>. It was rejected by Google Mail for whatever reasons. And FYI, if you go over to <> The Paramatma Speaks posted the following concerning the Acharya Kailasha Chandra dasa:

“Friends, we have all seen the Phansidaras in Gaudiya Math, and we
have seen seen the Phansidharas in Iskcon after Paramahansa Abhaya
Charana Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada disappeared. We all live in
anxiety and cry: will we have liberation, will we return immediately
to Krishna, or will we become a rock and a piece of meteorite, never
to see human form until all the Universe is destroyed, and rebuilt.
How do we stand in eternity? Where is our acharya, who do we look
towards when in confusion or just when we are too, too sad? Do we
require an ISKCON Phansidara? Do we need to kiss the foot of a man
whose hand is filled with the blood of cows and man? Where do we
Srila Prabhupada Bhaktivedanta Swami calls us, he beckons: come
to me, for I am easy to understand. Our loveliest Paramahamsa
Prabhupada, whose feet are so wonderful, tells us just two things are
needful, do them and be received by Krishna, no doubt, no anxiety, in
fullest faith and surety.
Paramahamsa Srila Prabhupada, our dearest friend, tells us: read
my books and carry out their simple orders, and just one thing more.
Our Guru says: chant Hare Krishna and dance with Chaitanya forever
more. Simple: read, obey, chant, dance.
What does Sriman, indeed, Acharya, Kailasha Chandra Dasa request
of us:
Why, it is so simple, we are taken aback: read, obey, chant,
Friends, behold an Acharya, one who presents as easily as possible the
words of God, Krishna, for us, today. Does he invent, and embroider
and is he a Phansidara? You decide, but do yourself a favor: read
Prabhupada, obey Prabhupada, chant Prabhupada’s mantra of love words,
Hare Krishna, dance with Prabhupada and Lord Chaitanya in eternity,
forever more.
If anyone is uncertain, come to the Acharya! He gives easy
answers to lighten our grief. ”

The Paramatma recognizes the Acharya. The last, Srila Prabhupada, who initiated us, was poisoned, so stay safe. NB do NOT be offended by this stage mask, Paramatma is just a name, I make no claims towards being the SPOG.


“<> “kills references, so herewith they are in plaintext:
2. alt religion vaisnava.

The Paramatma Speaks

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