Counterfeit 100’s, Counterfeit 1’s

“The original eleven can be likened to crisp counterfeit $100’s, recent fiat gurus of “ISKCON” can be compared to counterfeit $20’s and $10’s. Newer gurus, having had no personal contact with Prabhupada, will amount to hyperinflation of counterfeit one dollar bills.”

The inflation began with the eleven imposter mahabhagavats. They can be likened individually to crisp counterfeit one hundred dollar bills. The issuance of the fiat currency was approved by the governing body, which lost its link with the disciplic succession that spring of 1978. The “zonal acharyas” who controlled the commission, then established their racket; this deviation cannot be merely dismissed as “growing pains” or “mistakes.” It opened Pandora’s Box, letting loose a stream of countless anarthas, vilifications, and other deviations of great magnitude.

But the inflation itself was introduced by the apparent triumph of personal will and ambition over the influence of spiritual teachings, rules, benchmarks, and regulations ordered by the actual seer of the Truth, Prabhupada. In other words, the deviation empowered the short-term superiority of bala, arrogance, reputation, deception, and audacity and snapped most devotees into line. As such, it circumvented the actual meaning of spiritual master and emanated a new contaminated mode and attitude, rooted in faithlessness.

As time went on, the next wave of fiat gurus soon strong-armed their way onto the gadi. They can be likened to worn counterfeit one hundreds, inflationary with less personal power and manipulative machismo than Mayika Ocean’s Eleven. The third wave was analogous to counterfeit fifties, and so on.

After the commission released an inflationary spigot in the Eighties – a shrewd strategy avoiding revolution from the dwindling base – all recent fiat gurus of “ISKCON” can be compared to counterfeit twenties and tens. When the new people inevitably make the leap, having had no personal contact with Prabhupada, it will amount to the hyperinflation of the ones.

Inflationary gurus produce counterfeit initiations. Virtually all the deviant groups are part of the cheap gurus/cheap disciples syndrome, some with sahajiya tendencies. The unavoidable tensions boil over to create factions.

sruti-smriti-puranadi pancharatra-vidhim vina
aikantiki-harer-bhaktir utpatayaiva kalpate

All of these factions are not in accordance with the rules and regulations of the shastras. They are not one-pointed bhakti-yoga, and they create disturbances. They work at cross-purposes to one another, and, in that way only, they are indirectly the will of the Supreme.


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