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We can be confident that, if Srila Prabhupada was still externally manifest, he would most certainly disband the GBC.

On April 8th, the twenty-seventh anniversary of Srila Prabhupada’s disbanding the G.B.C. in 1972 takes place. Obviously, the “GBC-ISKCON” movement will not observe it nor even mention it to their followers. However, it was not at all a negative mundane event back then; it was transcendentally Absolute.

The GBC had tried to centralize all collections into one holding account that would have been invested in stocks, in order to gain a large amount of interest (but what if those investments went sour?). Srila Prabhupada considered this to be a major deviation and disbanded the GBC.

As such, we know from that one incident that the GBC can be completely disregarded, and known to possess no spiritual authority, when it engages in any kind of major deviation. Prabhupada passed the authority of his movement, at that time, to all of his temple Presidents, instructing all of them to completely ignore any instructions from the GBC.

In 1978, the GBC authorized a colossal hoax known as the so-called zonal acharya appointment. It also institutionalized a guru board within the GBC–this board being supposedly above the GBC authority, and this was completely against Prabhupada’s specific orders.

It further authorized the worship of eleven conditioned souls, who were not strictly following the process, to be worshipped as mahabhagavats. It authorized the Lilamrita, which is chock full of hundreds of mundane entries, mental speculations about the feelings of the pure devotee, gurvaparadha in the form of humanistic allegations concerning Prabhupada’s status, ad nauseum. It further authorized the changing of Prabhupada’s books.

The GBC has engaged in far more grievous deviations than the aborted attempt to centralize the finances of the movement in 1972. As such, we can be confident that, if Prabhupada was still externally manifest, he would disband it. We can be very confident that the GBC lost its link to the sampradaya in the spring of 1978.

As such, we certainly have the spiritual and devotional right to honor this twenty-seventh anniversary, because, by disbanding the GBC at that time, Prabhupada made an absolute move that proves, beyond any doubt, that the GBC does not possess the so-called power to automatically self-correct.

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1 seamus j carroll { 02.05.10 at 17:10 }

jai rahda i am pleased to discover your web site , my search line was metorites and krishna , but i see much more here , the truth only hurts the lie , question is prabhupada aware of all the goings on, or is he not aware ,he said it is a hospital , but as we know sometimes you die in the hospital , ie bad doctors kill , while they collect there pay checks, the pay check for loving krishna is krishna,, but these rascals do not like krishna, and it is plain to see , but if prabhupada is the top doctor , does he and he alone have the atiedote for iskon and bides his time for some one worthy of the cure, he waits and only he knows , as an when this being appears , to have come for the most fallen , could mean he came for the one that feel first , and krishna is always first
jai rahda seamus j carroll

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