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Let us deconstruct a disastrous article, entitled “God-given Rejection of Nonsense.” We shall cull out quotes from this screed, Hanuman’s recent broadside, and then we shall comment upon them. We deconstruct it in order for you to utilize your free will in the right way and reject the apa-siddhanta, misrepresentations, and offenses it is pushing and projecting. Thus, his title for the article is made applicable. Who is pushing nonsense? A rhetorical question, obviously.

The first flaw is that Hanuman has engaged in the unscrupulous posting of private e-mails sent to him by Kailasa prabhu. He has posted them to anyone and everyone on the INTERNET who contacts his website. This is offensive. Please note: Sometimes the points made by us are in the third person, and, at other times, they are directed at Hanuman himself. No need to consider that a contradiction, particularly since it is being pointed out to you here at the beginning of our reply.

“ . . . one of my participants in weekly zoom meetings informed me that he joined Vaisnava Foundation. He got kicked out of my Lasting Impression Facebook group. . . But hey, don’t disagree with Kailasa Candra Maharaja, you will get kicked out.”

Notice the terminology used by Hanuman: “He got kicked out.” Sounds a little bit Gestapo, does it not? He also includes an ad hominem: “Maharaja.” He knows very well that Kailasa has not accepted the sannyasa order, so the pejorative of calling him “Maharaj” should be quite obvious to any objective reader.

Every group that can accomplish anything must have a leader, one who is recognized as the leader by the rest of the group. We have such a leader, and we often completely agree with him. What’s wrong with that?

Notice that he is criticizing Kailasa prabhu for doing something that Hanuman himself recently did to a newcomer to his weekly zoom meeting. A blatant contradiction! People come and people go. Devotees are often very disturbed. Kailasa does not ruthlessly kick anyone out of the Vaishnava Foundation (VF). We know this. Hanuman projects something else, although he has no personal experience of being in the VF.

“ . . . the deviant people, and I can not pretend that everything is ok with them.”

He calls the VF Members “deviant people.” One who lives in a glass house should not throw so many stones. As this reply (to his article) continues, we shall point out deviant philosophy on his part. It should be obvious to all, however, that his chief deviation is his bad behavior via verbal and written works: He is very offensive. That is not a Vaishnava quality. Instead, it is a strong indicator of someone who is thinking he is genuinely initiated, when, in point of fact, he is not.

“The leader of the Vaisnava foundation is a believer in outrageous conspiracy theories, he claims that very soon, Google and Facebook will make a pact with ISKCON, and together, they will censor all ISKCON opposition. . .Technocrats will require ISKCON enforcers to make compromises in Krishna consciousness, such as female diksa guru, and in return, ISKCON enforcers will request technocrats to suppress whistleblowers. Really? There are only a couple of small problems in this logic. First, ISKCON is insignificant and doesn’t have any influence on anything. How come that Christians, who are fully compromised didn’t lay in bed with technocrats? How is possible that technocrats did suppress whistleblowers who expose Christianity. The whole theory is utterly ridiculous.”

It is not at all ridiculous. It is very possible, if not probable. Lumping Christianity into this is a diversion. We are not going to get into the whole explanation. If you are interested, read what Kailasa prabhu has said about it or written about it. “ISKCON” may appear to be insignificant now, but such may not be the case up the road. This is an example of Hanuman misusing contempt in order to put down a justified speculation, based on intelligent principles that have played out in history, and thus dismissing (in this case, Kailasa) as some kind of lunatic.

“Kailasa Candra’s society – just an ISKCON Gestapo clone”

The VF is not a splinter group off the Mother Ship of the fabricated, so-called “ISKCON” confederation. There is no affiliation whatsoever. This is a false allegation by Hanuman. Our organization has nothing to do with “ISKCON.” This is known by almost everyone . . . except Hanuman. In point of fact, by wrongly claiming that his “ISKCON” initiation, received from one of its corporate gurus, is bona fide, Hanuman still has a tangible connection to that Mother Ship. In point of fact, the “ISKCON” bija is still strong in him.

“My understanding of initiation from Srila Prabhupada’s books is that it is only a formal confirmation of an already existing relationship. Initiation is just a formality, nevertheless, devotees go through this formality. After the formality is complete, we shouldn’t bother with it again. In any case, a true connection with a guru is established through the transfer of Absolute Truth, not through a formal ceremony. . . What is the value of diksa initiation if you didn’t receive the absolute truth? Not much.”

There is no value if the diksha-guru was not genuine. The so-called initiation is actually counter-productive—it is worse than merely “not much.” Hanuman accepted one of those so-called initiations from a corporate guru (he has called his own guru just that, by the way) many years ago. He considers it a formality, which is true to a limited extent.

But did he get a real connection to the Absolute Truth by taking on that formality? His behavior, as demonstrated by his words and his arguments and his offenses, does not at all indicate any such spiritual or devotional connection.

“Our lineage which is given in the Bhagavad-gita is a siksa lineage since gurus are connected through philosophy and instructions, not through initiation. But nevertheless, all those gurus were initiated by someone.”

Most of the uttama-adhikaris in our parampara received their initiation from a diksha-guru who was an uttama-adhikari. Our disciplic succession is not predominantly a siksha lineage. The minority gurus who succeeded the previous Acharya in the line had a siksha relationship with that previous Acharya. The majority gurus were directly initiated by the predecessor Acharya, a mahabhagavat, accepting him as diksha-guru.

“I can understand that Kailasa Candra prabhu wants to make his movement standardized and that either everybody should be initiated or nobody should be initiated.”

Kailasa prabhu wants only genuine initiations to be performed by genuine diksha-gurus. He has never said that new devotees should not be initiated. This is Hanuman’s offensive concoction. That Kailasa wants the process to be standardized in the right way is not at all against the instructions of his guru maharaj, Srila Prabhupada.

“From my discussion with Kailasa Candra through email, I can understand that he is not inclined to give diksa initiation since Srila Prabhupada didn’t give him direct instruction to do so. However, if he abolishes diksa completely from his parampara, other sampradayas might find this to be non-bonafide behavior.”

You accuse Kailasa prabhu of abolishing diksha, but he has never said any such thing nor does he believe that. Hanuman is super-imposing this on him. He does say that the direct order to be a diksha-guru must be received from Prabhupada, who made that clear in late May of 1977 (“Become guru, but by my order.”) That was always the standing order: You had to receive Prabhupada’s sanction first in order to be a diksha-guru.

“Exactly the same process as in ISKCON. No debate, no rational arguments, only Gestapo resolutions. At this point, I am wondering what is the difference between ISKCON and Kailasa Candra.”

Kailasa prabhu is very inimical to “ISKCON.” The feeling is mutual. Any sane devotee recognizes this beyond doubt. Most “ISKCON” leaders know it. To say that there is no difference between him and “ISKCON” is an absurdity. It is also offensive to Kailasa prabhu.

There is debate and there are votes in the Vaishnava Foundation. It is not controlled by a dictator. Kailasa sometimes loses those votes. Our resolutions are cogent, very straightforward; they are anything but “Gestapo resolutions.” Hanuman has this Gestapo energy on his brain, and he is prone to mudsling it against anyone who does not fully agree with him.

The process in the VF is also straightforward. It happens to be bona fide. It also happens to be very different from the process in “ISKCON.” Hanuman has lost his power of discrimination (intelligence) by making this stupid, unfounded, and offensive statement that the VF is run in the same way as “ISKCON.”

“So, if you want to be a believer in Vaisnava Foundation, you have to believe the following:

All ISKCON gurus are not gurus. They are cheaters and their initiation is bogus.

The only bonafide disciple of Srila Prabhupada is Kailasa Candra, but he is, unfortunately, he is not giving initiations.

So, ISKCON gurus give bogus initiations, Kailasa Candra is not giving initiations, but If you insinuate that Kailasa Candra does not recognize the importance of diksha, you are out of his “line”.”

Every member of the VF is a bona fide disciple of Srila Prabhupada. Not all of them are initiated by him, but all accept him as shiksha-guru. Kailasa does not initiate, because he has not received the order, directly, from Prabhupada to initiate disciples. Perhaps, one day he will receive it, but we are not requiring that from him.

An institutional guru is a bogus guru. A bogus guru gives his own peculiar bija along with the “ISKCON” bija, representing that organization. Giving a bogus bija or bijas is a form of cheating. Who disputes this obvious fact?

Every “ISKCON” guru is, directly or indirectly, tied to the eleven pretender mahabhagavats from the late Seventies and the Eighties. This is not hard to recognize by anyone possessed of basic good logic and intelligence. We have covered this point threadbare in numerous articles and videos; it will not be rehashed here.

The fact is that Kailasa prabhu does recognize the importance of genuine diksha, and he always has done so. He is not trying to create some kind of shiksha line. You are targeting a straw man. You are intentionally misrepresenting him here in your three bulletin points. Your logic in trying to establish this idea is known as bad logic.

“Kailasa Candra is also a religious formalist because he believes that ISKCON initiation is the “work of the devil” and if you were ever initiated in ISKCON, you have to reject this initiation otherwise you are going to hell. Both ideas are ridiculous.”

What is both ridiculous and offensive is everything you have stated here. Kailasa goes out of his way not to bring the devil or hell into the discussion. He never says that anyone is going to hell. He has pointed this out to all of us on numerous occasions.

It is your mind which is coming up with this. You are the one who has this on his brain, and you are trying to superimpose it on Kailasa. He does advocate that every devotee become free of the influence of false initiations, certainly, but why drag hell into it? This is a very polarizing method that you are using, but your whole preaching method is meant for making personal accusations and polarizing everyone and anything that is not in accord with your flawed intelligence and philosophy. Your higher intelligence is also meager.

“Both ISKCON people and Kailasa Candra actually display mayavadi tendencies. A mayavadi way of thinking is that all living entities are created in batches: “I and my followers have to think in exactly the same way, we are all one.” If you think differently from me, even a 1% difference, you will be kicked out. Both ISKCON and Kailasa Candra are trying to create mental clones that think in a 100% same way as their master. . . Instead of being happy that people chant Hare Krishna and read Srila Prabhupada’s books, Gestapo authorities always want to make everybody think exactly as their being told, which will never be possible.”

No one preaches more heavily against Mayavada than Kailasa. He has made no compromises with it, whatsoever. To have unity in process and siddhanta in Vaishnavism is not at all a Mayavada tendency. You are very bewildered in alleging that it is.

Again, you use the term “kicked out.” This is also constantly on your brain. Kailasa does not create clones. On the contrary, he helps all of us to stand upon our own two feet in Krishna consciousness as intelligent men and women, aware of the issues and controversies. We are never his clones. In point of fact, since he is a hermit, we do not even live like him. We tend to think like him only because, unlike you, he thinks and speaks in the right way. So, why not? However, that does not make us clones. We are not his chelas. We are his students.

He never acts or speaks as a “Gestapo authority.” Once again, this another straw man argument that you are projecting. We are very happy to be part of the Vaishnava Foundation under his leadership. We are very happy that he has helped us to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, so that we are no longer bewildered by “ISKCON” or any of its splinter groups, such as Neo-Mutt, Rittvik, and now your fledgling deviation.

Our enthusiasm to read Prabhupada’s books is increased in the good association of Kailasa prabhu, and he is our leader. Because, unlike you and those who are like you, he is leading us in the right way on the right path with genuine siddhanta and good logic. He also presents us the facts of given situations, and, as such, it is not at all difficult to understand where you are at, how deviated and offensive you are, and the importance of, at least initially, confronting you after you posted your most recent attack on a genuine devotee and his organization.

If the shoe fits, perhaps Hanuman is wearing it. From Adi Lila, 1.35, purport:

“One who is not properly initiated may present himself as a great devotee, but in fact he is sure to encounter many stumbling blocks on his path of progress toward spiritual realization, with the result that he must continue his term of material existence without relief. Such a helpless person is compared to a ship without a rudder, for such a ship can never reach its destination.”

Yours faithfully,
Bhakta Ernest Dras
Bhakta Srihari Vijayaraghavan
Bhakta Meesala
Bhadravardhana dasa (godbrother of KCd)


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