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“Our Godbrother, professor Sannyal, he was a very nice man. He was doing very nicely as long as our spiritual master was present. But just after his departure, he became a party man, and he created havoc. But guru maharaj saved him, that he died very soon after his activities. There is possibility. Because in our mission, my spiritual master never designated anybody as acarya. He left advice that you should combinedly work, and whoever is acarya he will come out. But this man wanted to post one of his pet fellows on to the acarya post, and the result was that the whole missionary activities were disturbed. He did not follow the instructions, and there was havoc. That havoc is posible.”
Caitanya Caritamrita Lecture 4/19/67
Courtesy Adan Rodriguez

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Is there a whole transcript of the class, or better yet, an audio file?
That would be great!

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