Bad Boys Burn the Mission

Part Four of Benefic and Malefic Spheres and Patterns of Influence

By Kailäsa Candra däsa

The West values passion and the domineering spirit, often taking them as indications of personal strength, but the Vedic perspective views them as weaknesses of heart. To lord it over material nature is considered progressive in the West, especially when efforts impelled by passion succeed. Buddhi-yoga in Kåñëa consciousness cannot be maintained with such an attitude and mentality. Passion leads to increasing the propensity to lord it over, conducive to inextricable entanglement in Nature’s complexities.

Becoming attached to matter and the possession of matter is intrinsic to the modes of passion and binds one to saàsara. All the major problems of material existence are due to the lower modes, but the West only recognizes problems caused by the modes of ignorance, which works to destroy what is, in most cases, unnecessarily created when everything appears to flourish in passion.

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