A Gap in Time

Part Three of Benefic and Malefic Spheres and Patterns of Influence

By Kailäsa Candra däsa

“You will understand from the informations (sic) that this Krishna consciousness movement is a major revolutionary renaissance specifically delineating (a) social and religious conception of life based on authorized Vedic culture.”
-Letter to Çré Dhruva, 4-7-70

“ . . . but in the Western part of the world, it is a folly to be wise, and ignorance is bliss. This whole material civilization is gross ignorance, and therefore you cannot expect very intelligent persons in this part of the world.”
-Letter to Hansadutta, 6-8-69

The West is the best;
Just get here, and we’ll do the rest.
The Doors, “The End”

Perceptive men always see through fixed power; conversely, ordinary men always change their minds. The Western mentality is one of constant change, creating everything new, although, from the spiritual perspective, despite some nifty inventions here and there, there is nothing new under the sun. Western man generally has a condescending attitude toward the East, but the real question is whether or not there is an East anymore to even look down upon, viz., Western culture has so strongly pervaded and influenced every nation-state on the face of the earth.

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