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1 Anupam Khanna { 04.16.16 at 06:37 }

I genuinely want to do bhakti and become a real devotee, a real Krishna concious person in my life. I am in need of help and guidance to achieve this goal. Is there any way to get help and guidance?

2 vfadmin { 04.18.16 at 12:59 }

Yes, we’re happy to help & guide. Because this web interface isn’t suitable for a proper conversation, can you please instead email the contact email address given in this page?

3 Achintya Das { 04.27.17 at 16:00 }

Hare Krishna P.
Thank you for your nice article about ayanamsha. Can you please tell me how can I use it. For exempla my body appeared in 1960. What is the proper ayanamsha? What about other years?
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
Thank you

4 vfadmin { 04.29.17 at 15:39 }

Hare Krishna
I contacted Kailasa prabhu about your question and he directed me to the second chapter of his astrology book where ayanamshas are listed. In this way, proper ayanamsa for 1960 is twenty-one degrees and twenty five minutes. Then, every year it increases for 54 seconds of sidereal arc. If you have any more questions in this regard, please contact us via email:
Bhakta Ernest

5 Achintya Das { 05.05.17 at 14:57 }

Thank you
Hari bol

6 Paul { 06.02.22 at 15:34 }

I have known of ISKON for more than 40 years but have recently taken a sincere approach to the teachings. I just want to understand the guru disciple relationship. There are just a few ISKON “ordained” “approved” gurus that I feel attracted to but still I wonder. In SRF it is taught that an aspirant may initiate with Yogananda and through intuition, attunement and inner communion have a relationship with him. It is taught that he who requires a living guru in the outer world has little understanding of the inner world. Bottom line, I want to approach carefully and thoughtfully and in the true light of the Supreme Lord. Thank you for your consideration. In God’s Love ~ Paul

7 vfadmin { 06.03.22 at 15:53 }

Hare Krishna Paul. ISKCON was founded by Srila Prabhupada however after his disappearance there was a great debacle by his leading disciples in 1978 so everything degenerated. Prabhupada never appointed any gurus but they lied that he did. This is a long history that is covered in great detail in Kailasa Candra prabhu’s articles and videos.
We are not aware of any genuine guru available currently, either in “ISKCON” or in its splinter groups like Ritviks or neo-Goudiya-Mutt. We recommend newcomers and uninitiated seekers to accept Srila Prabhupada as their siksa-guru (instructing spiritual master). By following Srila Prabhupada’s teachings in that way one may gradually develop enough seriousness and sincerity so that Lord Krishna residing in everyones hearth will bring him in contact with a genuine physically manifest diksa guru.
These are topics that are covered extensively in the articles on our websites and you are welcome to study them. Core articles on website are a good start. Once you show seriousness in this way we will be glad to answer any questions that may appear during such study.
Bhakta Ernest
Vaishnava Foundation

8 Bhadravardhana dasa, aka Robb Thurston { 07.01.22 at 08:43 }

The present missive, “What Hath “ISKCON” Wrought?” presents a very compelling paradigm, by utilizing the Mahabharata Itihasa. I see no flaw, the dynamic action is behind the scenes, as is inevitable, and tethering the manifested history of the “Iskcon” has been developed very. very deeply by Sriman Kailasa Candra dasa. This may be one of his best missives, and I intensely admire it. Sriman KCd has long suggested that the “Iskcon” is akin, in its dynamics to the Roman Catholic Church, especially the RCC of Vatican II which is pervaded by Bonaparteism, the latter being a determination to achieve power without any scruples or conscience. And Sriman KCd has long posited that a sui genneris or autocephalic RC Rite will develop. Enter, stage right, the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Hindoo Rite Catholics. This abomination was warned against in this scripture, of the “Holy Bible”: 2 Timothy 3:7 : “King James Bible
Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. “
The present Pope Francis can be counted on to develop this.

9 Bhadravardhana dasa, aka Robb Thurston { 03.31.23 at 17:45 }

Robb Thurston
To:Mark Goodwin,Ernest Dras,Robb Thurston
Fri, Mar 31 at 2:38 PM
Dear Kailasa Candra dasa and Sriman Ernest Dras prabhu;

I have receives the “shorts” which come from Kailasa Candra dasa. This is very, very powerful, coming as it does from a lot of experience in the genuine Iskcon where KCd and I met, and continuing into the Vaishnava Foundation. I follow the latter very strongly but have a status in life which compels me to be engaged with secular characters whom I need and who need me.
Kailasa Candra dasa and his Vaishnava Foundation are the present-amongst-us-gifts from the Gaudiya Sampradaya. I wish to state, as an Iskcon Corresponding Secretary, that Kailasa Candra dasa and his Vaishnava Foundation are echt, the genuine truth. Such persons as have the tendency to seek truth come to these sources: I have, and I commend all who are also coming. We must absorb and meditate on Kailasa Candra dasa and the Vsishnava Foundation’s gifts: “Spiritual Corruption”,and “The Sampradaya Acharya’s Limits.”
Your ever well-wisher, Bhhadravardhana dasa

10 bob hungerman { 05.04.23 at 01:45 }

how should i learn krishna consciousness?

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