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1 Meesala Gopikrishna { 03.02.22 at 12:38 }

The latest missive, Covered Tracks Beneath An “ISKCON” Snow Job by Kailasa Candra Dasa expounds the misconceptions of the Aryan race by revealing that Prabhupada’s original bona fide movement invited all races on planet earth for the sole purpose of training and converting them into Brahmana Vaishnava Aryans without any bias or prejudice among them but later unfortunately became disintegrated into factions such as “ISKCON”, Neo-Mutt and Ritvik. Kailasa Candra Dasa reveals and explains how these factions lead to negative traits such as Rationalization, Presupposition, Fabrications, Historical Revisionism, Mendacity and Prevarication.

2 Luigi Del Vecchio { 03.03.22 at 15:09 }

Jaya Jayashri Caitanya Jaya Nityananda!
I joined the so called iskcon in November 1983, and have since been trapped, first with Bhagavan then with Jagadisha and finally with so called Acaryadeva and until 2012 I got fooled by all this slime burning thirty years of my life … How can I dishonestly claiming your beliefs false when I have violently lived them on myself without the slightest pity on the part of these dogs disguised as saints?
Thanks again for your clarification

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